Top 10 Most Dangerous Cliffs on Earth

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The article discusses the top 10 most dangerous cliffs in the world, including Half Dome in California, Mount Hua Shan in China, Troll Wall in Norway, Kjeragbolten also in Norway, El Capitan in California, Aonach Eagach in Scotland, Mount Everest in Nepal, Drakensberg Amphitheater in South Africa, Mount Thor in Canada, and Huashan in China. These cliffs are known for their perilous trails, steep drops, and treacherous weather conditions. Climbing these cliffs requires experience, skill, and preparation, and even experienced climbers still face risks. Climbers should prioritize their safety and take precautions to minimize risk.


The world is full of breathtaking cliffs and beautiful landscapes, but some cliffs are perilous enough to give chills to the bravest of us. These cliffs are found all around the world and pose serious risks to those who dare to approach or climb them. Many explorers, hikers, and even experience climbers have lost their lives while venturing on dangerous cliffs. In this article, we have curated the top 10 most dangerous cliffs on earth.

1) Half Dome (California, USA)

The Half Dome at the Yosemite National Park in California is one of the most dangerous cliffs in the world. The granite peak rises 4,737 feet above the valley floor and is a popular spot for rock climbers. However, even the basic hiking trail to reach the top is dangerous, with steep and slippery terrain, requiring hikers to use cables for support.

2) Mount Hua Shan (China)

Located in China, Mount Hua Shan offers exquisite views of the surrounding mountains but is also one of the deadliest cliffs in the world. The cliff is notorious for its narrow pathways, steep stairs, and dangerous ledges. It’s said that the challenging trails have claimed countless lives over the years.

3) Troll Wall (Norway)

The Troll Wall in Norway stands at 3,600 feet and is one of the tallest cliffs in Europe. It’s a popular spot for base jumpers and free climbers due to its vertical face. However, any miscalculation can result in a quick drop down to the jagged rocks below.

4) Kjeragbolten (Norway)

Another Norwegian cliff that’s equally dangerous is Kjeragbolten. The cliff is famous for its large boulder, Kjeragbolten, which is wedged between two rocks at a height of 1,000 meters. Climbing the cliff to reach the boulder is a popular adrenaline-fueled activity, but one wrong move can result in a fatal fall.

5) El Capitan (California, USA)

El Capitan in Yosemite Park is a favorite spot among climbers due to its vertical granite face. The peak stands at 3,000 feet above the valley floor and has claimed the lives of many climbers over the years. Climbing the sheer cliff face is not for the faint of heart and requires years of experience and an iron will.

6) Aonach Eagach (Scotland)

Scotland’s Aonach Eagach is not only one of the most dangerous cliffs in the world but also one of the most beautiful. The rocky ridge stands at 3,500 feet above sea level and provides stunning views of the Scottish Highlands. The trail requires mountaineering experience and is full of tricky scrambles and steep drops.

7) Mount Everest (Nepal)

Mount Everest, the world’s tallest mountain, has claimed the lives of countless climbers over the years. The climb to the peak is a dangerous ordeal, with the risk of altitude sickness, frostbite, and fatal falls. Despite the dangers, thousands of climbers attempt to conquer Everest every year, drawn to the challenge and glory.

8) Drakensberg Amphitheater (South Africa)

The Drakensberg Amphitheater in South Africa is a stunning natural wonder that boasts sheer cliffs and jaw-dropping views. The cliff stands at 3,280 feet and attracts many hikers and climbers. However, strong winds, sudden storms, and slippery terrain make it a perilous journey.

9) Mount Thor (Canada)

Located in Nunavut, Canada, Mount Thor boasts one of the steepest cliffs in the world. The peak has a vertical drop of 4,100 feet and is popular with experienced ice climbers. However, even they need to tread lightly, as the ice can be treacherous, and one misstep can result in a fatal fall.

10) Huashan (China)

Another Chinese cliff that’s notorious for its danger is Huashan. The cliff, located in the Shaanxi Province, is famous for its steep staircases and narrow planks. The hike to the top is treacherous, and every year, many hikers lose their lives while attempting the climb.


Q: Why do people take the risk of climbing dangerous cliffs?
A: For some, the adrenaline rush is worth the risk. For others, they seek the challenge and adventure.

Q: Can anyone safely climb these cliffs?
A: No, climbing these cliffs requires experience, skill, and preparation. Even experienced climbers still face risks.

Q: Have any famous climbers attempted these dangerous cliffs?
A: Yes, many famous climbers have attempted these cliffs, but not all of them have returned safely.

Q: What precautions should climbers take when attempting dangerous cliffs?
A: Climbers should always use proper gear, research the climb, and obtain the necessary training and experience before attempting it. They should also be aware of weather conditions and have a reliable support team.


The world is full of awe-inspiring cliffs and rocky peaks, but some are just too dangerous to attempt without the proper experience, training, and equipment. These top 10 most dangerous cliffs on earth have claimed countless lives over the years and should be approached with caution. Remember to always prioritize your safety and take precautions when attempting any climb.