The Surprising Uses of Moss in Art and Craft

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Moss, a green plant often seen as a nuisance, is gaining popularity in the world of art and craft. Its texture, color and shape give depth to the art piece and make it appear more alive. The plant has been used in art, such as painting and sculpture, for centuries. Japanese culture has a traditional form of gardening called “kokedama,” where a plant is kept in a ball of soil wrapped in moss. Additionally, moss has also become popular in creating geometric art installations, craft projects such as coasters, and stunning centerpieces for the table. In recent years, moss has gained popularity in terrariums for indoor plants as well.



Moss is more commonly seen as a nuisance than a useful plant. However, this green, velvety plant has become a new trend in art and craft. The surprising uses of moss in art and craft are out of the box and very interesting. Its texture, color, and shape give depth to the art piece and make it more alive. This article is going to explore the art of moss and how people are using it for different purposes.

Moss and Art:

Moss has been used in art for centuries, especially in painting and sculpture. In Japanese culture, Moss art is called Kokedama, which means “moss ball.” It is a traditional form of gardening where a plant is kept in a ball of soil wrapped in moss. This form of art has made a comeback in recent years, and it is gaining popularity among people interested in indoor gardening.

Moss is also used in geometric art installations. Artists use the plant’s natural texture to create three-dimensional shapes, which look stunning in contemporary settings. The soft texture of moss contrasts beautifully with the rigid lines of metal structures.

Moss and Craft:

Moss is a natural material that can be used for various craft projects. You can create decorative items like coasters, wreaths, and wall art using moss. These are fun and easy to make, and they look great in rustic settings.

You can use moss to create a unique and stunning centerpiece for your table. Moss balls, which are easy to make, can be combined with flowers or candles to create a beautiful display. You can also make moss letters to hang on the wall or use them to make a backdrop for a photo booth.

Moss and Terrariums:

One of the most popular uses of moss in recent years has been in terrariums. A terrarium is a container that is used to grow plants indoors. Moss is used in terrariums as a base layer to help retain moisture and create a natural-looking environment.

The natural texture and color of moss make it perfect for creating a forest-like setting in your terrarium. You can mix different types of moss to create depth and make the terrarium more interesting. It also helps to create a natural habitat for the plants, making them more likely to grow.


Q. Can I use any type of moss for my art or craft project?

A. It is best to use preserved or artificial moss for your projects. Live moss can dry out and die, causing your artwork to deteriorate. Preserved moss is treated to retain its color and texture, making it more durable, and it is often sold in craft stores.

Q. Where can I buy moss for my project?

A. You can buy moss online or at a craft store. Preserved moss and artificial moss are easily available at these places, and they come in many different colors and textures.

Q. Do I need any special tools to work with moss?

A. All you need is a pair of scissors and some glue to work with moss. You can use a foam ball to make moss balls or a wooden frame to create a moss wreath.


Moss is a versatile plant that adds a unique texture, color, and depth to art and craft projects. It is a natural material that is easy to use and comes in many different varieties. Whether you are creating a geometric art installation, a moss ball centerpiece, or a moss terrarium, the natural beauty of moss will shine through.